Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sergio Garcia Makes Fried Chicken Joke About Tiger Woods

The rivalry between golfers Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia got heated at the European Tour’s Player’s Awards dinner when Garcia made some off-color comments about Woods.

Garcia was asked if he would be invited over Woods’ house for dinner during the U.S. Open, according to The Huffington Post, and he responded:

“We will have him round every night,” García said. “We will serve fried chicken.”

Really??!!. We’re still doing fried chicken jokes?  Well, of course, things went left, and Garcia claimed that his joke wasn’t racist in the least.

Oh, but the apology… The apology:

“I apologize for any offense that may have been caused by my comment on stage during The European Tour Players’ Awards dinner. I answered a question that was clearly made towards me as a joke with a silly remark, but in no way was the comment meant in a racist manner.”

Come on Segio just admit that Tiger is better than you and just move on.  You don't have to make fried chicken jokes.  Plus everyobody loves fried chicken! 

Do you think Garcia’s joke was racist?

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