Sunday, September 25, 2011

DID YOU KNOW: Syleena Johnson & Chad Ochocinco are Siblings!!!

This is crazy!!! In a recent interview with the Power 99 radio station, R&B singer Syleena Johnson confirmed that she and Chad Ochocinco (real name Chad Johnson) are, in fact, brother and sister. To hear Syleena talk about her connection with Chad listen at the 4:00 mark:

Syleena wouldn't confirm that she and Chad are blood related, but if you look at the picture it's pretty easy to see that they share similar features.

In the interview Syleena mentions that they recently found this out so she and Chad don't have a strong sibling relationship yet, but they're working on it.

As a matter of fact, Chad made a recent appearance in Syleena's new video A Boss. You can definitely see the resemblance:

Guess you learn something new everyday!

And to those of you that doubt us please know that THIS IS A FACT! Syleena HAS confirmed that they are brother and sister.


  1. If the song says "He can get it if he's a boss." Why is her brother in the song? Ugh lol. I could be missing the concept of the video.

    1. To me the concept is basically saying that if he's boss like her and her brother then he fo sho can get her love.....all the way!!!

      I love the video and I'm glad Syleena back I missed her voice!!!

    2. The concept behind "he can get it if he's a boss" is basically saying "he can get what he want if he's a a boss knows how to get it" it can throw you for a loop tho lol just listening to it. but once she had all the different men (Bosses) kee kee and her son at the end they all represent bosses. Love Her she so talented and yes underrated

  2. Chad and Syleena both confirmed on twitter that they are brother and sister a while back. As for the video, u notice Syleena is not all up on Chad and he has a different female dancing on him in the video. So there you have it.

  3. This is Jonesy the Host that conducted the interview with Syleena wherein I introduced the fact that they were/are siblings. It would've been nice to get the credit for this Dontcha think???

  4. Ugggghhh..... Jonesy get a grip!! Ur no longer relevant which is why no one mentioned you. Please go away and continue to pretend your child is by your husband and not the DJ Star that you had an affair with. You're always trying to crawl your way back into the limelight. Please slither back to your hole.

  5. Whoever wrote this needs to go back to 3rd grade. This doesn't even make sense. On the one hand, she "confirmed" they are siblings, but then you said "Syleena wouldn't confirm that she and Chad are blood related, but if you look at the picture it's pretty easy to see that they share similar features." WHICH IS IT?