Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Couple Alert??? Keri Hilson And Idris Elba

I know that your hearts are broken ladies!!!!   Word is that the two were all boo'd up at STK in New York.  We don't know how serious or how long this has been going on, BUT they are a cute couple!!!  I hope this is true.

We will bring you more details as they come out!  


  1. he could do better. he s much too sophisticated for her. (im sorry) I love you keri, but he's way out of your league. You're just banking on the British thing, but it wont last!

  2. Oh shut the hell up anonymous!!! U sound soo stupid and ur hating!! Idris is hot and so is Keri so FOH!!! U must be a duck talkin ish like that LOSER!!