Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UPDATE: Kordell & Porsha Release A Statement On Divorce

Kordell Stewart has finally released an official statement to Hip Hollywood regarding the divorce from his wife Porsha Stewart. 

Soon after Kordell released his statement, Porsha released her own statement through her rep saying she is “disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce,” and revealed she learned of the divorce from a website. TMZ reports the rep says Porsha had held off on filing for divorce papers herself … because she was committed to the marriage. She says Kordell had promised to work on the marriage with her.


  1. That's what she gets talkin bout she proud to be a trophy wife.

  2. Kordell is an insecure control freak. He saw Porsha gaining a little independence and he couldn't take it!

    Porsha doesn't know it yet, but Kordell is giving her the greatest gift she could ever receive. Her future is much brighter without him.