Monday, March 25, 2013

WOW! Bill Gates Offers $100,000 to Design a BETTER CONDOM

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has offered $100,000 to anyone that can redesign condoms so that they are less of a buzz kill. He is looking for a "Next Generation" condom that enhances or preserves the sensation to resemble that bare feeling a little more closely.

The grant for this challenge is funded by the Grand Challenges in Global Health program. The group has described this challenge by saying:
"The primary drawback from the male perspective is that condoms decrease pleasure as compared to no condom, creating a trade-off that many men find unacceptable, particularly given that the decisions about use must be made just prior to intercourse. Is it possible to develop a product without this stigma, or better, one that is felt to enhance pleasure?"

Interesting Challenge!

Do you think you can create a barely there condom? Any man that can create that should be a millionaire!

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