Monday, March 25, 2013

Teenagers Lock 89 Year Old In a Trunk for 2 DAYS!

Five teenagers have been arrested in the car theft and abduction of a Delaware woman. 

89 year-old Margaret Smith was approached by two teenage girls who asked her for a ride home. When she agreed to do so, the girls directed her to a nearby house then they stole her keys and hijacked the car.  

The two minors that robbed Margaret Smith

The teenagers forced Smith into the trunk and left her there for 2 days before dropping her off at a cemetery where she was found by police. Early on Wednesday morning police pulled the vehicle over and arrested all 5 teenagers inside.

Margaret's family already had a Missing Persons notice out for her, as she had been missing for over 24 hours. Although she was taken to the hospital, Margaret is fine and has gone home. 

The 2 girls, both 17 years old, are being held for $122,000 in cash bonds. They are being charged with robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, and conspiracy. 

Damn! People are crazy...they're even goin HAM on granny nowadays!!! It is so sad that they would take advantage of her kindness. 

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