Saturday, May 28, 2011

J. Lo's Ex WINS Legal Rights Over Personal Videotape

A few months ago Ojani Noa (Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband) signed a contract to release very personal footage of the couple during their marriage. And the tape includes nudity!!! Oh Lord, WHY!?

J. Lo's legal team tried everything to stop the footage from being sold but an LA judge recently ruled that Ojani and his current girlfriend do have the rights to sell the tape.

According to Ojani's manager the documentary "will deal with Jennifer's rise to fame and her marriage to Ojani"...ummm? What the hell makes him think we're interested in their marriage from 20 years ago?! He's a gold digger.

This is EXACTLY why it's important to know who you're getting involved with. Ojani is a leech and he's doing J. Lo dirty!!!

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