Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoe Saldana Backlash: Critics Say Actress Is Not ‘Dark-Skinned Enough’ To Play Nina Simone

As reported from Crunk & Disorderly

More than 6,000 online petitioners believe that Puerto Rican-Dominican actress Zoe Saldana is lacking one major qualification to portray jazz legend / activist Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic about her life: She just doesn’t resemble the iconic entertainer.
The backlash against the decision to cast the ‘Avatar’ beauty has been thick since it was announced but Cynthia Mort, who is set to direct the film, says the project isn’t a traditional biography. She also revealed to the New York Times that she is still in the process of confirming that Zoe will take on the lead role.
“There’s a difference between telling a story that includes and involves emotion and experiences and doing a biopic — she was born here, she did this, she did that,” Mort explained. “That is also a great story, but that’s not what we’re telling in that kind of linear fashion.”

What do you think?  Should Zoe Saldana be playing this role?

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