Thursday, April 19, 2012

T.O. Going on Dr. Phil with ALL of His Baby Mamas

Baby Mama drama is running heavy this week! Former NFL star Terrell Owens has agreed to make an appearance on the Dr. Phil talk show. But there's a catch...all of his baby mamas will be there too!

Since the decline of his athletic career, Terrell has run into several problems with paying child support for his many kids (who are living all over the country). The courts have even put out a warrant for his arrest due to lack of payments! But before the money problems Terrell was simply an absentee father that had children who he had never even seen! Wow, this guy must have a ton of issues. T.O. will be talking with each baby mom to discuss their relationship and where it went wrong.

Terrell is also no longer speaking to his assistants Mo and Kita, the two childhood friends that regularly appeared on his reality show. It sounds like he has really hit hard times!

It's good that Terrell is seeking help for his emotional issues, but we REALLY hope he doesn't start crying again. We'd like to see him make it through one episode of any given show without sobbing like a little baby!

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