Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pilar Sanders Arrested For Domestic Violence

Deion Sanders had his estranged wife Pilar Sanders arrested for domestic violence. Pilar was booked on charges of assault family violence.
Pilar was handcuffed at the Texas home the estranged couple shares while their divorce is being finalized. Deion maintains Pilar and a friend of hers jumped him. What made it worse was the Sanders’ two sons watched the whole thing take place.
Deion told TMZ Pilar was taken to a local hospital because she kept saying she needed medical treatment. After going to the hospital, she was taken to the police precinct where she was booked.
Deion Sanders claims he didn’t provoke or harm Pilar in any way. He also says he only defended himself from

This is very sad... Our prayers go out to Pilar and Deion during this difficult time.

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