Monday, February 27, 2012

"Basketball Wives" Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes Getting Married?

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan were spotted at Shaquille O’Neal’s comedy show Friday night during All-Star Weekend. Gloria got a chance to respond to rumors being spread by rapper The Game's associate, Avante Rose, that she cheated on Matt Barnes with him. Some reports stated:

Govan is denying the rumors saying the tweets are false and foolish. She understands people will believe what they want to believe anyway so she does not want to focus her energy on something so negative. Furthermore, all he has is a couple of pictures that prove nothing.
Judging from the pictures of Govan and Barnes, who have a set of twin boys together, they seem really happy. And just to let you know first, they are not only back together but they will be getting married also.

Do you think they will get married?


  1. I think they need to make up they damn minds.

    1. I just with you keisha...hell they just need to go to see the jp and get it over with cause the back and forth is tiresome