Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kanye West's Clothing Line Debuts in "Paree"

Lol everytime I hear "Kanye" and "Paris" in the same sentence I think of the episode on Punk'd when he wouldn't give the tapes back to the producers and kept yelling "Get in the kah! I gotta go to Paree!" Anybody remember that?

For the last few years Kanye West has been a staple at Paris Fashion Week, particularly for Louis Vuitton shows.

During his most recent hiatus (before Watch the Throne came out) Kanye spent a year working as an intern at the Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris. Now he has taken that knowledge and applied it to his own fashion line which is an urban and edgy version of Kanye's own style. Think Sean John meets Louis V!

Despite the haters saying that Kanye's fashion line wouldn't and shouldn't happen, Kanye's line made its debut in Paris last week!

Check out some of the looks that came down the runway for his Spring 2012 show:

Alot of guests were underwhelmed with the show stating that there was little creativity. I think that Kanye is being smart by starting off with simple but stylish items, there is plenty of time to diversify and expand the product.

To be honest it just seems like people are looking for another reason to hate on Kanye. They should really get over it!!! Kanye has completely moved on, so should they! Go head Kanye!

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