Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Basketball Wives" Susie is Stupid!!!!!

Did you guys catch "Basketball Wives" last night???  I was astounded by Susie's stupidity and lack of self confidence.  If Evelyn treated me the way she did last season there is no way I would want her as my close friend again.  Yes we can forgive and move on, but never go back to be buddy, buddy again.
Why did Susie go out of her way to seek a friendship with Evelyn and Jennifer?  And she considers that group "the circle".  Truth be told Susie is scared of Evelyn and wants to be on her side and not against her.  Grow up Susie!  Be a woman!!!  What are you teaching your kids?  To be friends with people that dog you out and call you all types of names?  I hope that Evelyn does turns around and knocks upside your head, maybe then you will get some sense knocked into you!  Those girls are not your friends, they don't even like you!!! 
I am not convinced that you like yourself, Susie. 

What do you think?  Is Susie a dummy?


  1. Yes.....and an ultimate two face ass kisser she trying so hard to fit in with them..... all of the wives in the "circle" are pretty much two face and shaq ex she be involved with all that shyt then when some shyt goes down she try to act like she didn't know what was going to happen they some shady ass biatches

  2. Susie is DEFINATELY an ASS KISSER and an ULTIMATE follower..she does not have a mind of her own..she needs to grow the f**k up..needless to say..she is tryna get her jaw broken "again".

  3. I'm so happy Susie finally got her ASS BEAT by Kenya..KARMA'S a BITCH..if she hated Kenya so much..why on earth would she go to her house? She was asking for an ass whooping and she got it!!!! Yaaaaaayyyy