Friday, June 3, 2011

NEW COUPLE???? Are Romeo & Jordin Sparks Together?

Has Romeo find a new girl????  Well...the two were spotted together at
"The Hangover II" premiere last month, but recently Romeo tweeted a pic of them kissing.  

Sister2Sister Magazine asked via twitter if they were an "official" couple Romeo replied "Were just 2 love birds", then he posted this pic of them embracing in an almost kiss.  

Romeo commented to an interviewer about Jordin.  Here's what he said: "She’s perfect. She’s got the best personality. She’s goofy. She’s funny. She’s beautiful. She has an amazing voice"

 And Jordin said: “Well, do you see him?! I’m just kidding, he’s great. He’s very very sweet. [It's] a ‘we’re-really-compatible, this-is-awesome, let’s-have-fun’ connection.”

I think they are very cute together.  What do you think???  Romeo is not your average rapper.  He's educated, athletic and is a mogul!!!  What's not to love about all of that!!  Good catch Jordin!

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  1. What? Jordan lost weight and now she thinks she is eye candy. AWWWWW