Friday, May 27, 2011

Who Knew?? Memorial Day Was Invented By Black People

I guess it's true you learning something new everyday!!! According to Newsone, Memorial Day was invented by African Americans. 

Here's the history behind it. 

A celebration and burial of dead soldiers held by African-Americans on May 1, 1865 on a South Carolina burial ground was the first recorded Memorial Day. 

Professor David Blight from Yale University says many Union soldiers were buried improperly in a burial ground that once was a race track. After the Civil War ended, many blacks returned to the grounds to give the fallen soldiers proper burials.

“Blacks, many of them recently freed slaves, buried the soldiers properly. They put up a fence around the area and painted it. More than 260 were buried there. We don’t know the names. We don’t know the race,”

Wow!!!   Did you know that?

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