Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nelly Gets Into Twitter Beef With Ex-Booking Manager!

Uh oh!!!!!  Nelly got into a Twitter beef with his Ex-Booking manager, Slim.  But.... in this beef they were divulging some personal information.  According to Slim, Nelly couldn’t even afford to keep his recording studio open but according to Nelly, Slim is overdue with a certain debt.

It all started because Nelly refused to attend a basketball game. 

Nelly Tweeted:
“NOO IM NOT PLAYING IN ANY BASKETBALLGAME TODAY IN STL!!i dont f#ck wit “”S_hady L_ame I_gnorant M_uthaf#ckas”"!!”

“@STLStacks stay in ya place lilboy!!and since u riding slim nutz soo much pay slim debt!!!!!its almost two years now thats ##LAME”
 Slim Replied:
“@Nelly_Mo #FACTS u broke you spent yo whole fortune on #coke #steriods #ashanti #PILLS and at #HARRAHSCASINO u prolly there now!”
“@Nelly_Mo #FACTS yo house 14 dollars away from #FORECLOSURE that’s why u really the 1 movin 2 “ATL” #quitfrontin”
Is any of this true about Nelly???  I guess we have to wait and see.....

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