Wednesday, April 9, 2014

‘Single Ladies’ Gets Picked Up by BET Centric for Season 4

“Single Ladies” will live to see another season after VH1 abruptly canceled the show last month.
LisaRaye McCoy, Denise Vasi and Charity Shea aren’t out of a least for now! The Los Angeles Times reports that BET Centric has picked up “Single Ladies” for season 4. Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit is creating new episodes for Centric as part of a new deal with the network.
Last week there was chatter that BET might take on the show the same way it saved “The Game.” The network wouldn’t directly comment on the gossip at the time, but this announcement presents a twist on the initial rumors.
“Single Ladies” has come as part of a package deal! According to the LA Times, Flavor Unit will also create other original shows for Centric and the network will air reruns of “The Queen Latifah Show” in prime time.

Congrats to the cast!  Hopefully BET can make the show better....?

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