Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HUH?! Allen Iverson Receives Offer to Play Pro Soccer

Allen Iverson has received an offer to play in a semi-professional soccer league. Hmm, that's a little strange considering that he's a basketball player.

The Rochester Lancers have offered to pay Iverson $20,000 per game in addition to $5,000 for every goal he would score. Allen would also receive merchandising bonuses.

The former NBA All-Star is notoriously difficult to work with and has managed to blow through ALL of his earnings (an estimated $154 MILLION in salary alone), so it would make sense to humbly accept any offers that are thrown his way.

Allen's NBA career, although initially promising, was plagued with many issues and caused his game time in  the NBA to come to a screeching halt. Allen's refusal to practice and train made him constantly butt heads with coaches, and his drama off the court resulted in a loss of interest for potential endorsement offers. Most recently he played on the international level for Turkey, but is currently shopping around and considering other international teams like Puerto Rico.

Rich Randall, the Vice President of the Lancers, believes that "Allen Iverson is one of the premier athletes of our time, [...] I think he can be a great fit with our team..." This is clearly a publicity stunt on the team's behalf, but it wouldn't hurt for Allen to play along so he can get a little change in the process despite the slightly insulting nature of the offer.

Do you think that Allen should accept this offer? Allen, It might be time for you to whip out the cleats playboy!

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