Monday, March 24, 2014

Shady Boots! Cynthia Bailey Accused Of Fraud

According to Eben Gregory Cynthia Bailey‘s being drug through the mud in Atlanta over what are being called bogus claims on  the Bailey Agency website.

Okay here is what has been upsetting people…there is a monthly contest on the Bailey Agency website that allows contestants to submit modeling photos to the agency. They are charged a $20 entry fee and if they win…they get to be featured on the modeling/entertainment website.
Winners were to be chosen monthly with a portion of the proceeds donated to charity.
The problem was that the site hadn’t been updated since October 2013. Ummm…that ain’t good….but what made it worse to people was that the Bailey Agency was still accepting contestant pictures along with their $20 entry fee when no winners were being chosen.
What upset people even further was that the charity benefiting from the contest, Atlanta Diaper Relief shut down six months ago. Uh yikes!

Cynthia defended her modeling agency explaining,
“First of all I think that’s a very negative approach to the whole situation, that’s not like their $20 wasn’t being used for what it was intended for. It’s just a matter of us being in transition on our side and we were just behind on the website. But now it’s updated.”
Cynthia also revealed that ‘Kile’s World,’ the charity founded by Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond in honor of her son Kile Glover would replace Atlanta Diaper Relief as the charity benefiting from the contest going forward.

We don’t think this is the kind of fraud that people are now associating with the Real Housewives Of Atlanta franchise…we think this sounds like if Cynthia is guilty of anything…it was of hiring an incompetent webmaster and not keeping up with her business.

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