Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GET OVER IT! PETA Still Has an Issue with Mike Vick

NFL quarterback Michael Vick recently landed a job with the New York Jets after spending five years with the Philadelphia Eagles....but the controversy that hurt his NFL career still haunts him.

We all know that in 2007 Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for his role in a dogfighting.  Vick was released by his team The Atlanta Falcons but signed a one-year contract with The Eagles upon his release late 2009. He publicly renounced dogfighting and worked with The Humane Society to educate others about the ugly “sport” but obviously that wasn’t enough.

Various animal rights groups, including PETA, have harassed Vick about his conviction since his return to the league. When it was announced that he’d be signing with The Jets for a year PETA tweeted their disapproval:
“At least Michael Vick can’t drown, electrocute, hang, or shoot a football the way he terrorized “man’s best friend.”


Michael Vick’s brother Marcus came to his defense asking PETA reps if  ”y’all still on that bullsh*t” but there has been no response from Michael Vick thus far.

We’re not sure what PETA expects Michael Vick to do. He has served his time and has the right to earn a living!  I wish PETA would get a LIFE!  Should animal rights activists be watching football anyway? The ball is made out of leather and they serve animal products during the games.  Please worry about your life and leave Michael Vick alone!!

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