Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scarface’s Autistic Son Found After 8-Day Absence

 brandon jordan scarface

Brandon Jordan, the 20-year-old son of rapper Scarface, went missing on January 29th when he ran away from his home in Leimart Park.
Thankfully, the young autistic man was found safe Thursday morning.

“He just got agitated, didn’t want to talk about it no more, and just stormed out of the house with nothing,” his mother Melissa Lollis to KABC in Los Angeles.
Over the past week his loved ones posted fliers at his favorite places throughout the area, as well as at West Los Angeles College, where Brandon is studying music. He wants to follow in the same business as his rapper father.

Scarface thanked his followers on Twitter for spreading the word about his son’s disappearance.
“Thanks to everybody responsible for putting the word out,” he wrote. “My son is safe…”

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