Friday, February 28, 2014

NEWS: Finally!!! A Smartphone with Airtight Security

Since the invention of Smartphones, one of the biggest complaints has been the lack of privacy that its users are given. Anyone can hack into our phones at any time! Systems like GPS and Wi-Fi make it possible to track our whereabouts, and to top it off, when we try to erase data from our phone it's still floating around in cyberspace!

Mike Janke has invented the Blackphone, the consumer's answer to Smartphones that lack security. This android-software phone has military level security, the highest level available. There are no tracking devices on this phone, which means that nobody from the government or the phone company can track you down. User data is stored in a secure vault in Switzerland so that once it's erased from your phone it is gone for good.

So now we start to ask, what kind of data should the government get for the sake of protecting the public?

The Black phone will sell for $629 beginning this summer.

Do you think the Black phone is something you would consider buying? Should the information on our cell phones be available for public record? 

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