Thursday, December 1, 2011

Engouh Is Enough Kim!

We really tried to stop covering the Kim Kardashian drama, but Kim has gone way too far now!  Apparently Kim is now claiming that Kris Humphries is gay.  Really!!?? She claims that Kris didn't even touch her on their honeymoon.  Well...I can tell you why he didn't want to touch her nasty A**!!!!  First reason is she's has been with every celeb and their friends.

But Kim has really done too far, she knows this man is a professional athlete and now she's trying to destroy his career and his character.  This girl has to be stopped!

I think Kris needs to stop playing nice and just let this thing have it.  I hear his dad is going to be releasing some information about that family.  I can't wait to read that!!

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