Friday, May 24, 2013

WTH: I-5 Bridge in Washington Collapses, People Fall with It

Aerial view of bridge after collapse

This is the craziest news to come out of Washington state in a long time!

Yesterday in Mount Vernon an oversized truck smashed into the top part of I-5 bridge and caused the bridge to instantly collapse. All of the drivers at the time also fell in. Surprisingly, only 3 people were taken to the hospital but none of the injuries were fatal.

The Department of Transportation is currently investigating who is to blame for this major collapse: the truck driver who proceeded over the bridge when he knew it wouldn't fit, or the company that sent the driver on that route.

Originally built in 1957, this bridge had recently been labeled as "Functionally Obsolete" meaning that before its collapse, it was no longer able to handle the traffic flow that had developed in recent years. Out of 100, the bridge only had a safety rating of 47. Yikes! It is estimated that repairs will cost millions of dollars.

Hopefully this kind of car damage is covered in everyone's insurance! We're glad that all are ok.

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