Friday, December 28, 2012

Katt Williams Faces a $4 MILLION Tax Lien!

TMZ reports that Katt Williams (real name Micah Katt Williams) has failed to pay $3.2 million in taxes in 2008 and skipped out on another $829,352 in 2009. WOW! Clearly, that was back in the day when he was still making good money.

Hopefully Katt can use some of his residuals to get this taken care of...otherwise he'll end up in the slammer! But then again, Katt might get the help he needs if he goes to jail. Or maybe he just needs Iynala to fix his life...this man is really going through it right now.

2012 has NOT been Katt's year. At first it was funny but now it's just plain sad! Get some help boo!!!

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