Sunday, February 19, 2012 Writes Open Letter CRITICIZING Rihanna for Chris Brown Reunion

The Rih-Rih/Chris Brown saga continues!

Amidst rumors of a recent reunion, wrote an open letter to singer Rihanna, criticizing her for reconciling with abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

For the past few weeks both Rihanna and Chris Brown have been under fire for publicizing their resumed friendship after an explosive domestic dispute in 2009.

Here's some of what wrote:

" all honesty… you can't do you, Rihanna. Not here. Not with Chris Brown. Because like it or not, millions of people are paying attention to you, trying to be as cool as you, attempting to find love in a hopeless place and wondering if it's okay to walk down the same dark alleyway twice. 
Young girls look up to people like you to guide them through circumstances too complex for them to tackle on their own, and by granting Chris Brown an iota of tolerance, you implicitly encourage others to consider doing the same. "With great power comes great responsibility" is a schmaltzy sentiment, but it's fitting here -- like it or not, you have a different level of power than most of us schmoes because of your pop superstardom, and a different level of responsibility in your personal life than in your music because of the tabloid-infected culture we live in. It's a burden that is not fair to you, or anyone in pop culture, but it's one you have to accept."

To read the rest of the open letter, click HERE

What do you think? Is Rihanna being irresponsible by letting Chris Brown back into her life???

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