Thursday, November 17, 2011

What??!!! Rapper Game Messed With Gloria Govan While She Was With Matt Barnes?

Remember on the last episode of Basketball Wives L.A. shot in Hawaii, when Jackie Christie said that Laura Govan told her that Gloria had slept with *bleep*?  Well...according to Bossip Gloria had a little fling with Matt Barnes’ former friend The Game and Game confirmed it!

Bossip reported:
“The Game is on tour and it stopped in [my city] this past Sunday. I ran into The Game at the strip club. We were in VIP so obviously I wanted to ask him about Gloria. He was clearly drunk so I just asked ‘Is it true you fawked Gloria from Basketball Wives?’… He just laughed and then nodded. Yep, so the rumor is TRUE!!!” 

But here is what makes it weirder....Game rapped about it in a song.  
Here are the lyrics:
Drizzy, I’m sitting here watching Basketball Wives
Like, “uhh, these basketball wives?”
Only cute one, Gloria, that’s my **gg* Matt Barnes’ chick
Can’t swim in that poon fool, that’s a crucial conflict
Never sleep with the wife of **gg*s you eat with

WOW...Really Game?  

Do ya'll believe this? 

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