Thursday, October 20, 2011

Janitor Finds 4 Mentally Disabled People LOCKED in a Basement!

In Philadelphia Turgut Gozleveli, the janitor of an apartment building, found 4 mentally disabled people locked in the basement of the building. They appeared to be malnourished and disoriented. One man was even chained to a radiator! The victims (one woman and three men) ranged in age from 29 to 41.

3 people were arrested and accused of holding the victims hostage to steal their social security checks. Thomas Gregory, Linda Ann Westin, and Eddie Wright have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and false imprisonment among other things.

When Turgut discovered the victims living in the basement he immediately called 911 and they were taken out on stretchers. Apparently, the 7 of them had been traveling together; no one is sure how long they'd been traveling.

It is so sad to see people taking advantage of other human beings in such a despicable way. It's important to bring light to these stories so that violators pay the price!

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