Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mo From "The TO Show" Goes Off On Evelyn Lozada

The Urban Daily’s Jazzy F. for an interview. Mo made more comments about Evelyn and how nasty she is, and she also talked about getting ready for the third season of VH1′s “The T.O. Show.”

Mo never backed down or retracted her statements about VH1′s “Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada being A walking yeast infection. 

Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

What do you think about the beef between Tami and Evelyn?
“My issue is she continues to disrespect Tami, and Tami and I are cool.  I knew Tami before I was married.  To call Tami a non-motherfu*king factor when [Evelyn] was having an affair with Kenny is just crazy!  You can meet, greet, and sleep with a guy in one night if you want to.  You can get drunk and screw a guy closer to your daughter’s age if you want to.  But what you can’t do is be bold and disrepectful and not expect to have backlash.  The botom line is you pretended to be this chick’s friend.  I don’t care if it was for a day, a week, a month, an hour — don’t smile and laugh in her face when you know her dude done dicked you down.  That’s the first black girl rule to getting your ass kicked.

The first day you met her, you should have pulled her to the side and let her know.  So don’t get defensive when someone wants to come at you, because honestly, Tami is like a pitbull; she comes at your ass barking, ready to bite!  And Evelyn is more like a Chihuahua.  She’s a little dog that barks in the yard and backs up when your ass comes toward her.”

Why did you make the comments about Evelyn being the non-m*therf*cking factor?
Kita and I went to the Forbes Celebrity Entrepreneur Awards as the producers and creators of the T.O. Show. I did not go there with Evelyn on my mind, just to make that clear. While we were on the red carpet one reporter said she was happy to see The T.O. Show back for a third season and how we are the only show that shows two black women running a business in a positive light. When asked if I watch Basketball Wives I responded, “I support it.” I completely support Shaunie O’Neal’s movement and I am friendly with a lot of the girls on the show.
The same reporter then mentions how I move in the same circle as Terrell and Chad and what do I think about Chad and Evelyn’s relationship. I said, “I don’t think one way or the other about their relationship. I don’t know Evelyn to get all up into it that way.” I stated, “what I do know is that Evelyn needs to slow down and stop portraying herself a certain way.” She asked and “how is that”, I said, “well sleeping with married men and pretending like the wife is a non-motherfucking factor is just so disrespectful, but what do you expect from her? On the show, she meets, greets, and sleeps, with a guy the same night, whether it’s the truth or not, it’s portrayed that way.”

Will there be a possible Mo & Kita spinoff?
“That’s possible; it may be in the works sooner than later.  We’ve gotta hear from the audience though; we’ve got to hear what they want to see.”

 I love Mo!  She is so right about her and Kita being the only black females on a reality show actually making us black girls look good!  
But she is telling the truth about Evelyn!!!!  Can't wait to catch the next season of The TO Show!!!! 

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