Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here We Go!!!! Amber Rose Caught Cheating With Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend

Word on the street is that Amber Rose was caught cheating  with Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend Safaree. According to Mediatakeout, Amber sent naked pics of herself to Safaree.

Here’s what happened:

“At Nickis birthday in Vegas on [December 9th] weekend, Nicki caught her boyfriend Safaree in Amber’s room . .. she knew something was going on.” And there’s more, “Later to find out by going into Safaree’s phone, [Nicki learned] that Amber was sending Safaree naked pictures of herself via bbm.”

Nicki did what any woman would do and  let Safaree go. Safaree later convinces Nicki that nothing happened between him and Amber . . . and that Amber was just a SMUT that was trying to get with him. Nicki beleived Safaree and took him back. (WHY!!!!!)

But we are hearing that Nicki hates Amber and gave direct orders that no one in the Young Money crew is allowed to speak or associate themselves with Amber Rose.

Click here  to see the pics Amber sent to Safaree!

We will say it again...WIZ you better watch out! 

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