Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WTH?! Bin Laden's Ex Cusses Out Wale via Twitter

Kola Boof, the former lover of Osama Bin Laden and a well known writer, recently cussed rapper Wale out for only using light/mixed women in his videos.

Here's what Kola tweeted:
There wasn’t a single Black woman in “Pretty Girls”…so what in the f— was he saying about African women?? His own race?” @WALE is a little Punk B—h Nigerian Skin Bleacher who wants to escape his own people & gets PAID 2 do s. I know enough about @WALE …and he’s a LOSER a– Motherf—er in my book. Don’t give a s–t who’s IN DENIAL. F–k WALE"

Yikes!!! Her twitter rant gets worse but we'll spare you the details....

Wale responded: 
"According to this lunatic @kolaboof I promote “skin bleaching” and I hate black women. And @kolaboof thinks that because she contributed to writing a few books, that she can talk down to me. With all due respect ms @kolaboof I can sit up here and say you were porking terrorist…like a lot of your peers say. But I’d rather not, because I’m ignorant to @kolaboof whatever relationship you had with Ol’ Boy [Osama bin Laden]. ..and my ignorance to THAT particular subject will keep me quiet. W/ that said u should 2."

Kola does kinda have a point though...Wale  never uses dark skinned women in his video. Maybe his management picked the girls? But still...Kola ain't lying (though she was kinda harsh).

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