Monday, May 23, 2011

Billboard Awards 2011 STYLE RECAP

For those of you that didn't get a chance to catch the Billboard Award Show last night, we wanted to do a recap of the best and worst style moments at the show. Our opinions are probably a little different from everybody else's but oh well...Let's get started!

5 Worst Dressed
Here are the stars that we think could've done a little better with their fahsion sense:

5.  Taylor Swift

The sequins on the dress are really nice but it fits her poorly and drags all over the floor...not cute! She definitely should've gotten someone to tailor the bottom so that there wasn't too much fabric dragging.

4. Selena Gomez

Here is an example of a beautiful girl that looks terrible in a gorgeous dress. Why? Selena's body simply does not have the curves to pull this dress off. Once again, the dress fits poorly. Alterations make a world of difference! Plus, what's up with the shoes....

3. Neyo

Where do we even begin with this mess? The suit, shoes, and cap are all mismatched! Yes, they are part of the same color scheme but the styles are totally different. Why would you wear a Yankees hat with a fitted suit and oxfords? Like Tamar says, this is a

2. Nikki Minaj

We know that Nikki has a unique style and she's the "Harajuku Barbie" but we also think it's important for an artist to evolve; she seems stuck in a fashion rut. Haven't we seen this type of big bootie judy outfit a million times before? It's getting old Nikki, time to move on!

1. Ke$ha

This chick always looks like she just came off a major drug binge and she just happened to wander to the right place. The dress is ugly and her presentation is even uglier. The coked-out look ain't cute boo!

5 Best Dressed
This part is always the most controversial. Here's who we think KILLED the fashion game at the awards show:

5. Keri Hilson

Ms. Keri baby, the queen of bright and funky colors, wore a beautiful yellow dress with a sexy teal belt. The colors played off of each other really well. We would've liked the look a little better if the hair were pulled away from her face...too much yellow!  

                                       4. Mary J. Blige

Mary's performance outfit was HOT! The high ponytail, big gold earrings, and killer shades reminded us of old school Mary, but the long white jacket with bold shoulders showed us her newer, more fashion-forward side too. Mary's outfit was super fly!

3. Rihanna

As usual, Rihanna showed up looking effortlessly chic and urban in an all white suit and nude heels. For some reason this outfit reminds me of David Bowie! There's only one thing that we don't like, the outfit and hairstyle seem just a little too mature for Rihanna...she's only 22 years old! But we still love the look.

2. Beyonce

Beyonce's performance outfit was bold, scantily clad, and fearless! It had just the right amount of wildness for the type of performance she was giving. Loved it!

 1. Kelly Rowland

Can you say yowza!? Kelly wasn't nominated for any awards but she showed up in a show-stopping dress that fit her like a glove. The hot pink color looked so pretty on her brown skin and she kept the accessories simple. Umm...we need to find out her workout routine! Lol

Well there you have our top 5 worst and best dressed for the 2011 Billboard Awards. We know that everybody else in the media is drooling over Taylor and Selena's outfits, but we felt a little differently.

What do you think of the outfits and performances from last night? Who were your faves? Let us know!

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