Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rihanna: My Accountant Almost Had Me Bankrupt

Back in 2009 Rihanna almost found herself in the middle of a bankruptcy case thanks to her ex-accountant. Rih Rih filed a lawsuit against the accountant for gross mismanagement and new legal documents reveal exactly how much money Rihanna lost due to the money manager’s terrible fiscal decisions.

According to the legal documents, Rihanna’s former accountant mismanaged her money so bad that she blew through nine million dollars in 2009 and claims to have had no idea. At the beginning of 2009 she had $11 million in cash and by December of the same year, she only had two million left. Needless to say, Rihanna was absolutely shocked that she blew through that much money in a year. On top of mismanaging millions of Rihanna’s money, her accountant failed to tell her that her expenses had doubled in that year so she was seemingly left hung out to dry.

In case you’re wondering how she squandered $9 million dollars, Rihanna says her accountant told her it was okay for her to purchase a house valued at $7.5 million. She bought the house and when she sold it, she lost $2 million in profits. As if the mansion debacle weren’t enough, Rihanna also claims her 2009 tour “Last Girl on Earth” was losing money left and right and was never notified.
Although Rihanna was done wrong by her accountant, don’t feel bad for her bank account because since 2009, she has built her fortune to the amount of $43 million. That’s not bad for being nearly broke five years earlier.

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