Monday, October 1, 2012

T-Boz Lands Reality Show About Health Problems

 “T-Boz” will be coming to a television screen near you. She just landed a reality show on, of all channels, TLC about her struggle to relaunch her music career while dealing with the aftermath of a brain tumor and Sickle Cell Anemia.
According to reports, T-Boz’s show titled “Totally T-Boz” was ordered for four episodes by the cable channel. The program is slated to air sometime in 2013. While the main focus of the show will be T-Boz’s journey back into the music industry, viewers will get a glimpse into the 42 year-old’s struggles after dealing with a brain tumor which she was diagnosed with in 2006. Once the tumor had been removed, T-Boz had to relearn basic mechanical skills like talking and walking. that doesn’t bode well for an artist known for her distinctive voice and funky dance moves.  Along with T-Boz, her daughter, brother, cousins, and friends will appear. The show is currently filming in Atlanta as we speak!

Will you be watching the show?

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