Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Juelz Santana Cheated On Kimbella: Put On Blast By Jumpoff Via Twitter?!

Where there's smoke there's fire! We found some drama surrounding Kimbella and Juelz Santana’s relationship.We all know that Kimbella went on national TV and disclosed that she slept with a more popular rapper, got beat up for it then asked for an apology; but now one of her man's jumpoff's is talking about her relationship....

Hellobeautiful found this dialogue between @LyssaHoney and @IamJennaShea which led us to believe that Juelz may have cheated on Kimbella. One of the ladies tweeted “F*ck MTO!! I never said I slept with Juelz, Jenna did… FOH.”
This conversation started the mess:
@LyssaHoney: and um… since when do Juelz & Kim live together? becuz u know what? never mind.”- after their son was born I WAS ova there
@LyssaHoney and no sign of her so ha
@LyssaHoney reality n real life her man a freak to owwww lol

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