Monday, October 10, 2011

NY Liquor Co. Urges Boycott Against Diddy's Ciroc Vodka

Martin Silver, owner of Georgi Vodka (the most frequently used vodka in NYC), wants you to stop drinking Ciroc for 30 days.

Why? He wants to teach Sean Combs a lesson...or so he says.

The truth is that Silver and Combs have been playing tit-for-tat for the last few months, and Diddy's recent outburst at a BET Hip-Hop Awards party gave Silver another reason to complain.

Partygoers were drinking ALL brands of vodka at the Atlanta party. When Diddy discovered this he threw a fit and began cussing someone out for not drinking Ciroc. His outburst definitely caused a scene!

Check out the video of the incident at the :30 mark

Martin Silver feels that Diddy's behavior and his use of the N-word was inappropriate and racist. “In modern times racism should not be portrayed by any individual and Diddy should donate proceeds of his profits to organizations that fight racism,” Silver said. Hmm, sounds more like he's looking for another reason to whine...

Are you going to join Martin Silver in the Ciroc boycott? He does have a point, Diddy needs to carry himself more professionally if he's going to be the face of any business. Temper tantrums are NOT the business! However, it seems like Martin is just hatin cuz of Ciroc's growing popularity.

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