Monday, October 10, 2011

Name That Celebrity! Who the HECK is this Chick!?

Who is this woman? You may not recognize her without the weave, heavy makeup, and plastic surgery.

It sure is crazy what a little plastic surgery can do.... 

 Do you still think she's naturally gorgeous?


  1. I don't know who wrote this article, but it seems as the writers of the urban cafe are kind of hating. You show glammed up pictures of everyone knowing they look nothing like that, but you go out of your way to put Kim K on blast. I am the first to admit that I am in no way a Kim K fan, I don't watch her show or anything, but I think there needs to be some balance in your reporting. I really don't think that is right. Of course she has had work done almost everyone in Hollywood has. Yeah she looks different than before, but there are plenty of examples of how money change people. Look at people like Morris Chestnut. No one was swooning over him in Boys in The Hood, but now he is some kind of sex symbol. So I really think that the writers should think twice about trying to put someone on blast because no celeb really is all that without make up and work done. I am sure if you were in the public eye you would do the same thing. I mean it's easy to get at Kim K because she is mostly famous for her reality show and her porno with Ray J, but she isn't the only one that needs and has had a lot of work done. Just be fair is all I am saying.

  2. Hi Philmont,

    Sorry you feel that way! For the record, this celebrity was wearing makeup in both pictures. Most celebrities that have had this much plastic surgery admit it, Kim does not and insists that she has always looked this way. The time span between these pictures is only 5 years. If you researched this info, you might have known this.

    The question in this post is not about hyping up someone's looks, it's about looking like a totally different person. The hype around Morris Chestnut has changed but his face hasn't.

    If you have a problem with the type of "reporting" that is being done, you don't have to read it. As you can see from previous posts, we are a blog that posts sometimes controversial information that people may not always find fair.

    Another option is that you can create your own blog that does the type of reporting that you like!