Thursday, May 26, 2011

RUMOR: Have Amar'e & Ciara Broken Up Already????

Uh Oh!!!!  Has trouble already hit the couple?? People were wondering at the Whitney Art Party event when Amar'e showed up without Cici and when asked where she was he said “She’s not here buddy.” Word on the street is while at the event Amar’e was hanging out with a brunette who told press her name was Laura Belmont-de Gunzburg. She said she works at the Pace Gallery and is the daughter of art collector Nathalie de Gunzburg, the chairman of the board of trustees at Dia Art Foundation. Laura said she and Amar'e were “just friends.” However Amar’e left the VIP area without her to check the artwork in the silent auction.

No word from Amar’e or Ciara’s reps at this time.

I am feeling this Amar'e!!!!  You know Ciara is better for you

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