Saturday, March 23, 2013

WTF: Officer Admits He Was Ordered to Target Young Black Men!

Wow! It can't get any more blatant than this.

A whistleblower living in the Bronx, NYC has finally revealed to the courts that he was directed by NYPD to specifically target young black men between the ages of 14 and 21.

In an audio that was secretly taped, Deputy Inspector Chris McCormack orders Officer Pedro Serrano to stop and frisk black men in this age group because they are supposedly "more prone to crime".

Inspector McCormack can clearly be heard telling Serrano over and over "I have no problem telling you this. Male blacks [...] 14 to 21" The stop and frisk law allows police officers to search anyone's outer garments if he/she appears suspicious.

Officer Pedro Serrano
So why is this important? Because the audio is being used in a class-action suit against NYPD. 4 young black men are in the process of suing the police department for being stopped and frisked unnecessarily due to racial profiling. They are hoping to establish stronger parameters against the Stop and Frisk law since it has been abused by so many people in law enforcement.

Officer Serrano, who testified in favor of the young men, has been ostracized by fellow officers and has received poor work evaluations since then. Black listing much?

We appreciate officer Serrano for taking a stand against discrimination! It is so sad that this is still a problem in 2013. 

Do you think the "Stop and Frisk" law should stay?

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