Monday, May 7, 2012

Really???? Tami Roman: “Millions Of People Will Suffer If ‘Basketball Wives’ Doesn’t Air!”

Tami Roman is pleading for a Texas judge to allow Basketball Wives to continue to air because millions will suffer from not seeing the show. 

Here's the back story....Tami was sued last March by Creme de la Creme hair company alleging she broke their contract for Tami to promote their hair extensions on this season of Basketball Wives. The company claims instead of promoting their hair products, Tami was promoting her own hair extensions on the show and they want a judge to stop any airing of scenes where Tami mentions her hair products and not theirs.
Tami recently responded to the suit by claiming she was the victim in the situation. Tami said Creme de la Creme failed to pay her on time which made their agreement invalid. She believes she had no obligation to promote Creme de la Creme’s products because the check wasn’t delivered when it was promised.
One of the most interesting parts of Tami's response was when she asked the court to allow the show to continue to air as scheduled because “millions will suffer” and the harm Creme de la Creme “pales in comparison to the harm the millions will suffer.” Tami wants the court to order Creme de la Creme to remove her name and likeness from their products as well as allowing the show to continue to air and pay her court fees.

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