Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ray J Sued For Leaving Clothes In Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room

And Ray J continues....
He is now being sued for leaving clothes in the hotel room Whitney Houston died in.
Los Angeles based fashion stylist Marc Littlejohn filed legal documents alleging he was hired to style Ray J for a few Grammy related event on February 10. Littlejohn says the clothes he allowed Ray J to borrow were left in his rumored girlfriend Whitney Houston’s hotel room. Whitney died the next day which didn’t allow Ray J to go into the room and retrieve the borrowed threads.

Littlejohn is suing Ray J for $2,880 which is the price of the disappearing clothes. Marc Littlejohn says he reached out to Ray J and his mother/manager Sonja Norwood on numerous occasions but hasn’t gotten a response.
Since Whitney Houston’s room was the scene of an investigation, everything in the room was confiscated by police.

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