Thursday, March 8, 2012

Superhead Goes OFF on Her Husband via Twitter

Karrine Steffans, infamously known as Superhead, was recently married in late September of 2011.

The groom, a West Indian man who has yet to be identified, was widely mistaken for Lil Wayne but that rumor was later shot down.

On Tuesday Karrine went to Twitter to expose her true feelings about the marriage. Here's part of her LONG letter:

We wonder what are the top 2 worst decisions she ever made? For a woman like Karrine (she's done drugs, made porn, etc.) to say that, you know she REALLY regrets having you in her life.

We would have had some type of sympathy for the poor guy but seriously, that's what he gets for marrying a hoe. Not only does this woman "lay it low and spread it wide" for all kinds of men, she also makes a living off of telling everybody about it! They both are trippin, guess there's no coming back from this.

If you were mad at your man/lady would you speak about it on Twitter for all to see?


  1. This is really really sad. She's had issues for a long time and that "reformed whore" act she put on after her first book has clearly become too big a burden to keep up with. I just wanna pray for the girl (I say girl because her mind clearly hasn't matured to womanhood). Hopefully she will find healing for her mind & spirit.

    1. You are absolutely right! This woman is 33 years old with a son and she still is playing childish games.

      For her son's sake, we hope she stops the foolishness. She doesn't know it, but he's watching her and he's learning the standard for what a woman should be.