Friday, March 9, 2012

Does the KONY 2012 Campaign Have Ulterior Motives?

By now everybody has seen the viral KONY 2012 campaign on youtube. If you're not familiar, it's basically a 30 minute video aimed at getting support to overthrow Joseph Kony, a terrorist militia leader in Uganda.

The initial reception has been mostly positive with over 40 million views in just a few days. But a few people are beginning to wonder, what's at the root of this campaign?

In 2009 Tullow Oil (an American company) found over 800 million barrels of oil in Uganda. There may be more, but this is only what they found upon initial examination. Some people are suggesting that this campaign is being conducted to gain the compliance and trust of the Ugandan people. They want to overthrow anyone that may cause difficulties in getting the oil if they decide to do that.

Here is a Ugandan reporter talking about her problems with the KONY 2012 campaign:

Also, it has  been noted that The Invisible Children (the name of the org behind the video) sells many  "KONY 2012" products for their own's a bit strange for an organization to pocket the money if they claim to be helping Uganda. There have also been several complaints to the Better Business Bureau on the ethics of this organization.

No one is doubting the facts of the story, but it seems like people are skeptical about the agenda that The Invisible Children may have. Some are not completely convinced that this campaign is being done for the right reasons.

We just wanted to share this so you hear some other perspectives on this new wave of information. Please get the facts for yourself before you promote this campaign! 

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