Monday, June 6, 2011

Plaxico Burress Is Finally Free!!!!

Plaxico Burress has been locked up for 20 months for illegally carrying and firing a gun at a New York Club.  Finally he will be released, but what will he do next?  The NFL is in lockout which could hurt his comeback.  In 2008 Plaxico caught the game winning pass in the super bowl and now we don't even know if he will even get to play again.  So sad! 

He is set to leave the Oneida Correctional Facility in upstate New York today. Plaxico turns 34 in August, and plans to return to his Florida home to spend time with his wife, son and a daughter born while he was in jail. (Which he should have been doing when he was arrested in NY).

Unlike Michael Vick, released in 2009 from a federal term for dogfighting, Plaxico doesn’t have a league waiting to bid on his services.

Mike Vick said in a radio interview with WIP in Philadelphia that Burress would be a great fit with the Eagles.

“I think certainly Plaxico is going to come out with a chip on his shoulder the same way I did, and he’ll go out and help this football team to whatever capacity he can,” Vick said. “I think the guys would be willing to embrace him and bring him in. If that happens? Who knows? We talking about “what ifs” now? It would certainly be a good thing.”

What do you think?  You think Plax will get picked up by a team?

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  1. For his sake he can get on a team cause he blew 35 million on some stupid shit thats why he went to jail