Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ROUND THE WAY: Whitney Has Signed On for Waiting to Exhale 2!!!

According to her daughter, Whitney Houston has signed on for "Getting to Happy" Terri McMillan's sequel for "Waiting to Exhale". The other original actresses were already on board for the project, but with Whitney's recent health and career issues no one was sure if she could do it!

Bobby Kristina tweeted:
"Ps_ yes we ARE doing Waiting to Exhale 2! We Can't wait ! Were all very very excited to start production, this will be better then ever !"

We are so glad that Whitney is trying to move her life in a positive direction.

Whitney completes the original cast and they will begin filming soon. Keep checking for updates on this project!

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  1. Oh No!!!!! this Movie will be garbage cause its 10 years to late