Friday, October 22, 2010

Did Missy Elliott Get Married??

Missy Elliott reportedly married her girlfriend in a secret ceremony overseas, according to a report that surfaced yesterday (October 22).

Sources in Atlanta say that the closeted gay rapper married her girlfriend of about a year, artist Sharaya.
It was also reported that the women were engaged while they were on a world tour together and had an informal ceremony upon their return to the U.S.
However, shortly after the “news” hit, Missy responded to a fan via twitter who congratulated her.

Missy Elliott responded with,

“No I did not! do not believe the lies…Ppl who have nothing better to do but talk and tell lies are #Gossip Folks! Do something more productive! #GETALIFE!…Now as I was saying all The Positive People May u have a Blessed Suckafree day *inmydiddyvoice*”

We shall see what happens!

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